Group Code Generator Module

Let your customers assign themselves to a given group of customers with a code. The Group Code Generator allows you to generate codes on your own, or to generate any number of codes automatically.

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What this module does for you

TrafficHelp acquire new customers

  • No manual adding of the single customers to the groups, this happens automatically 
  • simple administration of your codes for a specific group of customers
  • easy and independent assignment of the customers to existing groups of customers
  • time saving through the possibility of generating a bulk of codes


  • various count of your bulk generating is possible 
  • choose between permanent-codes for an amount of customers and unique-codes for single customers
  • codes can be generated with numbers and/or characters
  • customers enter their codes themselves

What your customers will like

  • easy and independent input of the code over the website
  • unique action and straight assignment to the group of customers


 The module must be installed as any other common module in the admin -> module section.

What's New in Version 1.0.0(11/03/2015)

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